I Interview About My Friends, My Friend ( Rupinder ) And Collect Data For My Anthropology Class Assignment

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Field Notes
In this week, I interview two of my friends (Rupinder and Priya) to collect data for my anthropology class assignment. Rupinder and Priya both were born in India, so they are know as Asian Indian. Rupinder came to U.S.A when she was five year old so she is raced and live in U.S.A, but Priya was rased in Indian then come here in U.S.A in 2010. Both of my friends speak Punjabi as primary languages with their family members but they both also knew how to speak English and Hindi as a second language. They both like to watch Bollywood movies because they both speak and understand Hindi very well. Rupinder is a De Anza student so to interview her we decide meet in the college cafeteria. We choose cafeteria to meet because weather is very hot outside and it is convenient place for both of us as a students of De Anza. Then, I meet Priya at chipotle (fast food store), because it is Priya’s favorite food store so that why we plan to go there. Also it been a long time that we both been together for eat so I think this was the good time for us to go out.
The weather was very clear on that day, because of that me and Priya enjoyed
A lot.
Interview of Priya:
1. Approximately how many movies of all types combined do you watch per month?
A. Basically, I don’t watch movies a lot but for a month I watch 5-7 as all types of combined.
2. Approximately how many Bollywood films do you watch per month?
A. I watch 4-5 movies Bollywood movies per month.
3. Overall, do you think…

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