I Have A Dream By Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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In “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King Jr., he states how strongly he feels about needing a world without segregation and one with fairness amongst African Americans and whites. He believes the world needs to abolish slavery; along with, more rights and freedoms given to African Americans. Martin Luther King Jr. wants the world to come together as whole and to all become family and friends no matter the color of our skin. He professes the many dreams he has and all of them being along the lines of needing to end racism, gain freedom, and gaining justice. Martin Luther King Jr. is very honest and open about his dreams. Most of his dreams are dreams that many others may have hoped for but weren’t as open about. Martin Luther King Jr. imagines a world in the future where all will be able to claim themselves as being free that were once not. He delivers his message in a way that in the end, he encourages all to come together as one and for all to be equal.

In “Longing to Belong” by Saira Shah, she claims how much she longs to be apart of her original culture. As a girl she grew up Britain but half her family was of Afghan heritage. She never felt as if she belonged to that heritage. Shah discovers this when she goes to a wedding down in Pakistan. She states how she has completely been isolated for the past few years of her life from her origins. She claims how when she went to visit, they made her feel as if she had belonged. Shah imagines what it would be like to…

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