I Don 't Like The Way We Communicate Essay

830 Words Apr 25th, 2016 4 Pages
I don’t like the way we communicate. Because, of popularity Facebook has become the standard. I see a decline in effective and empathic communication. It is easier for us to post about something rather than go sit with a friend whom is having a hard time. The biggest cost I see over and over is a loss of intimate communication. Social creatures by nature, human contact, and bounding are all suffering as well and the skills needed to be well rounded adults. Although, some may argue that a heartfelt posts the same thing, and it’s an easy fast way to stay in touch. However, Facebook is in fact damaging our culture in many ways; almost as if face-to-face interaction is outdated.
In addition, it’s waste of time and just spawns more hate, because you have no connection to the person on the other end there is consequences of getting in an argument. Meanwhile, we would not walk up to someone in the grocery store and start screaming about how those are the wrong carrots, or cucumbers. The thought of this is funny, but, that’s exactly what we are doing every time we have an argument on Facebook. Furthermore, people, myself included, will be lost for hours just looking at photos or reading comments, or a juicy argument. “It’s estimated that the average American spends about 37 minutes on social media each day. That’s a full day each month spent cultivating relationships in front of a screen. Cumulatively, Americans spend 115 billion minutes each month on Facebook. Just Americans. Just…

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