I Am On A Hunting Trip With A Friend Essay

810 Words Feb 28th, 2016 4 Pages
It was December 2011, and I was on a hunting trip with a friend. Recently I was told that mom moved back to Houston after being diagnosed with cancer. This opened up old and new emotions with me seeing as I had not seen her in several years. Having to grow up quickly as a child and how things were in my household grieving wasn’t an option, there was to be no tears, and no signs of weakness. Therefore, this was something I did until I got the news she passed away just a few weeks later.
The news had shocked me. Before going on this camping trip, I had been using my work as a form of therapy. But my emotions had only gotten worse when my dad told me she wasn’t expected to live much longer. This put me a state of denial and I would bury myself in research about the form of cancer she had with the hopes I would find out rather it was curable or not. Putting myself though that torment was helping me get a grip on what was going on. Therefore, going on this hunting trip was something I longed for because my family kept harassing me to go visit my mother, but I didn’t have the courage to. Furthermore, this would be something I would eventually regret altogether. Being out in the wilderness and being able to take in everything that was happening in my life at that moment was much needed. This feeling of distraught led me to reminisce about childhood memories. Although there were some tough times, reliving the great times was very comforting. This helped me to realize that if I do…

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