I Am Not A Racist ! Essay

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"Now it looks like I 've failed..." he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose between his eyes with his fingers. "Now I 'm the villain here..."

"...is there anything else you 'd like to say about him?" I asked, doing my best to keep myself from tearing up.

"It 's just... you know that he 's not a feline. He 's a canine, and I wouldn 't want you marrying one of them..."

I became quite jittery. "Hold on... are you a racist?"

"I am not a racist!" he defended. "Would you just let me explain...?"

"-If Tod was a lynx, would you mind us being together?" I interrupted.

"No, well, yes, I, um..."

"If Tod was a lynx, a skunk, a cat, or any other variety of a feline chimera. Just on top of that, say that he was anything other than a Veritist... like... for example, a Catholic like Ana or agnostic like Elliot. If he was one of those, would you still mind me dating him?"

He sighed. "Not really, he wouldn 't... well... it 's not what you 're thinking."

"Okay, say he was still a Veritist, but he was a fox. What then?"

"I 'm not quite sure I 'd be happy with the relationship, still..."

"Father! We 're all the same race! Chimeras! I understand not wanting me with a human, but we 're the same species!"

He closed his eyes. "I know that... That 's not what I was going to tell you... Sylvia, you know exactly what I am going to tell you and you 're simply refusing to acknowledge it. Yes, you and Tod are the same species. However, because your genetics are different enough, I 'm…

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