Essay on I Am Joseph E. Ledoux

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I am Joseph E. LeDoux, born on December 7, 1949 in the town of Eunice, Louisiana. I am the director of the Emotional Brain Institute and Nathan Kline Institute, and a Professor of Science at New York University. I am a neuroscientist that specializes in the underpinnings of emotion life; mainly fear and anxiety. Through my experiments conducted throughout my professional career, I am qualified to be one of the witnesses in the trial. As a neuroscientist, my experiments regarding the human brain and its emotions, and evil being a part of a human’s emotions, fear and anxiety relates to the evil being done. The fear response can play a direct role in life-and-death struggles, and causes people to do evil things, even if they don’t realize that they’re doing something awful. That’s their natural instinct to react–to spare themselves.
For a human being, evil can be built onto one’s self through memory and fear, and both of those elements being the core of all evil in a person, this mainly represents the nurture side. Due to one’s pasts and emotions, with fear being the strongest, it affects the brain’s stimulus of a human in reaction to their own instincts in responding over something, and how it influences their fight-or-flight response.
From all of the experiments that I have conducted, memory and fear were always associated with one another. But what is their relationship between those elements? Whenever we have a memory about some experience, it turns out that there are…

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