Essay on I Am Growing Population Across The Nation

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The ever-growing gerontologic population across the nation captivates the attention of health care professionals in health maintenance and promotion. For this reason, nurses must be cognizant in comprehending and anticipating the needs of an aging adult. By strategically using assessment tools geared toward older adults, oversights in well-being may be discovered. The purpose of this paper is to interview a senior citizen and utilize screening tools to assess health, provide my overall impression of the senior citizen, and provide a medication table along with knowledge of use, timing, and overall concerns of the medications. Interviewing an older adult will provide considerable insight and appreciation for the daily struggles he or she has to overcome on a daily basis.
Assessment Tools
Social History
B.S. is a retired 79-year-old who lives alone in a condominium in good health. B.S. retired from her clerical and secretarial work when she was 62-years-old. B.S. will be turning 80 this October. B.S. married her high school sweetheart and had three boys and one girl. Sadly, her husband passed away from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) after 38 wonderful years of marriage. Years later, a former high school boyfriend came to her door and she remarried. Her second marriage lasted nine years until he passed away from Parkinson’s disease. B.S. stated that she was “very lucky” to have been married to two wonderful men. B.S. has a daughter who lives 20 minutes away,…

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