Essay about I Am Considered A Religious Scholar

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Assignment 7:

Every experience in our lives influence and impact us, and have the ability to change our mindset about life—whether positively or negatively. I am the youngest scholar in this North West area. I was in a six-year religious program in which I studied Arabic as well as religious texts in depth. This six-year course covered a variety of extremely high-level topics, but mainly focused on the analysis of religious texts as well as Arabic linguistics. The course is broken down with exams and breaks, and is taught by a variety of teachers. I’m extremely proficient in Arabic, and have a deep understanding of religious matters and issues. After the completion of this program, I am considered a religious scholar and invited by a variety of organizations around the North West to give talks and take lessons. The experiences I had through this program created a unique mindset in which I view the world today. However, not only has this program allowed me to master Arabic grammar, verbs, and religious material, but shaped my overall view of the world today, and continues to help me create well-informed decisions for the future. I have a higher understanding of the values that I should embody religiously as well as academically, and this has made me a more unique and different individual that I would have been without this course. This course specifically impacted me in three ways: it improved my perseverance, changed my outlook on life, and taught me the value of…

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