I Am An Incompetent Boss Essay

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Most of us have been there. You just landed that job you’ve been hoping for, but on your first day when you’re trying to learn the ins-and-outs of the new job, your manager is completely useless. Your boss either doesn’t understand your area of work, or completely lacks the ability to explain your duties and provide training.

Incompetent bosses can be detrimental not only to your life and work, but they can also have a lasting negative impact on your career. When inept bosses misdirect you in your job, it creates extra work and it also potentially points the blame to you, which might even cause you to get fired.

Having an incompetent boss not only causes increased difficulty at work, but it also means you are deprived of a mentor. When you are embarking on a new career, your boss should be an source of learning new skills. A mentor also points you to the next steps toward advancing through your career. Having an incompetent boss means you need to somehow accomplish these things on your own.

So how do you succeed when the boss is useless? Before you throw in the towel and start looking for a new job or career, look at these tips to help you salvage the situation.

Find a mentor

If your boss is useless as a mentor, it’s often possible to find experienced team members that are willing to take you under their wing. In fact, in some organizations the mentoring is passed to non-management in order to provide a sense of comradery with trainees and other team members.

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