I Am An Active Exercise Essay

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There is no form of practice that could have prepared me for such an exercise because I am an actively involved person. Nevertheless, I managed to find an environment that was free from distractions and noise to quiet my mind .Quieting my mind helped me to re-focus my attention and thoughts on things that were beautiful and positive. It equipped me in overcoming negative opinions, feelings of anxiety and the cares of this life.
On the first day of my experiment, was an act of going through the motions where I felt that I knew how to do this exercise, therefore I was just going to do what I have been practicing for the past few days. So, I considered it a common exercise with little noticeable changes in my breathing pattern. However, it was not until I closed my eyes and was able to concentrate and center my attention on the exercise; that I learn to appreciate the richness of the air I was breathing. It was so fresh and clean that it invigorates and refreshes my memory and imaginations. I was now able to feel the contraction and relaxation of my chest as I inhaled and exhaled.
The following day I was filled with enthusiasm because I felt that I was getting results. I sat and repeated the same procedure as in day one with the exception of taking my pulse rate. It made me realize that because I was not doing any rigorous exercise I managed to have a low pulse rate. It was during this stage of the experiment that I learn to appreciate myself more. I recognize spending a few…

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