Huckleberry Finn Reflection

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Literature is constantly in production. Every so often, there are works being published and the question emerges of whether or not to believe in what the narrator claims. It is often doubted about the words written and whether it holds the truth or rather a false conception. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn questions this truth. The novel is written by Mark Twain. It is about the journey of Huckleberry Finn and all the obstacles and people he encounters. During his early childhood, he was caught in a group of adolescent gang, though they never did anything major. Their leader was Tom Sawyer, an idol of whom Huck looks up to with great admiration. Later on, Huck fakes his own death and starts out on his own adventure where he first meets up …show more content…
Huck and Tom reunites and agrees to free Jim from slavery. Upon locating Jim, Tom and Huck needed to find a way to get into the cabin where he was chained to a bed. Tom says,“Gimme a case-knife” (248). Tom comes up with one of his “brilliant” ideas following his childhood books. Tom, being a naive child, looks at the world through innocent eyes and gives our bizarre ideas. Tom tells Huck to give him the “case-knife,” but in actuality he wants the pick-ax. It shows hypocrisy through the fact that he wants one thing, but claims it as another. Tom refuses to admit that he was outsmarted by Huck so he acts as if nothing had happened. Growing up, Tom Sawyer spent a good amount of his time reading books about hectic adventures. The books Tom read, he treats them as law books. He obliges to the stated claims in the books when he is out on his adventures. This shows hypocrisy because Tom believes that the books are always right and that there is no other way, but in reality, the rules are the very ignorant and takes unnecessary steps to achieve the goals. Tom’s naive beliefs shows that Twain believe in using hypocrisy in literature to give the readers the exception to look at the truths from multiple

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