hypertrichosis Essay

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Hypertrichosis: The Werewolf Syndrome The disease Hypertrichosis, also known as “The Werewolf Syndrome,” causes unwanted/abnormal hair growth either in one spot or all over an affected person’s body. There are two main types: Naevoid, and Congenital. Naevoid Hypertrichosis, is where the hair grows in one spot on the body, sometimes the limbs but usually proportional in the facial area. Congenital is where hair covers a majority of the body, sometimes right after birth! In severe cases, the hair becomes colored and remains. Both types are caused by, a spontaneous mutation on the X-Chromosome and a flaw in the pregnancy where the lanugo, instead of it falling off after the 8th month, it continues to grow. Being that the mutation is in …show more content…
1826, John Crawford was on a mission for the Governor-General of India that took him through Burma. There, he noticed a strangely hairy man named Shwe-Maong, who himself acted as an entertainer to the King of Ava. Shwe-Maong had four children consisting of three normal children, and one child with congenital Hypertrichosis, named Maphoon. When Crawford returned to Ava, Maphoon was described as a thirty-year-old woman with two sons, one of which had Hypertrichosis. The affected child was named Maong-Phoset. Later it was known that he had an affected daughter named Mah-Me. Also, strangely enough it was discovered that all effected members of the family had dental problems, whereas the unaffected members had normal teeth. There are treatments for the unwanted hair caused by the disease, but no actual cure for the disease itself. Treatments are mainly common hair removal methods and products such as laser hair removal, bleaching the hair, getting wax jobs on affected areas, getting it cut often, shaving, or using certain lotions, creams, etc. But, as some medications can lessen the effects of this disease and the unwanted hair, some can cause the disease! Medications include: Streptomycin, Diphenylhydantoin, Penicillamine, Minoxidil, Cyclosporin A, Zidovudine, etc. (gpnotebook.co.uk). There have been many cases (Court and Medical) recorded about these medications/drugs resulting in the taker starting to rapidly grow unwanted hair a

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