Hyatt Corporation Target Market Essay

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INTRODUCTION The consumer market for my chosen business, Hyatt Hotels, is large and very diverse. Just about every person finds themselves in the position of seeking overnight, or longer, accommodations at some point in their life. The challenge will be to target the most profitable customers and know them and their needs in enough detail to justify the expenses. With its plethora of properties, each catering to a different segment, Hyatt is perfectly positioned to do just that.
Hyatt provides overnight accommodations at many different levels to meet the needs of a large portion of the overnight accommodation market. From the discerning, affluent individual business and leisure guests needing highly attentive personal
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In order to capture customer’s attention regarding Hyatt properties and services, a campaign increasing customer’s perception of value could be launched with integrated media communication with regard to the Hyatt brand and its appropriateness for the potential future customers. This will stimulate emotions identified with Hyatt that will result in an increased tendency to choose Hyatt over another service provider which may be unknown to the potential customer (Kotler & Koeller, 2012).
To assist these potential customers in the actual buying process, a plan for dissemination of information is in order. The problem of the need for overnight accommodation could be highlighted to the market; most likely, the attractiveness of avoiding long, stressful, tiring travel times before or after important events of some distance away. Hyatt will be positioned, through the dissemination of information regarding its properties, their services and how they compare with others available; to be the natural choice of the overnight market in which a property is available (Kotler & Koeller, 2012).
The individual and business leisure traveler, with or without family, needing overnight accommodation is the target market of Hyatt. Different properties of varying services offer a range of selection for this market that carry costs that customers can select to personalize their experience. Hyatt is well positioned

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