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Hungary is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic in Central Europe. It is bordered by Slovakia to the north, Romania is to the east, Serbia to the south, and Slovenia to the west. Countries that also border are Croatia, Austria and Ukraine. The official language in Hungary is Hungarian, which is the most widely spoken non-Indo-European language in Europe. In addition to Hungarian, many speak English, German, French or Russian. Hungary has a population of 9.8 million people and their largest city, which is also their capital, is Budapest. The country is also divided into 19 counties, 20 urban counties and Budapest has its own county status. Hungary is a far way less developed country than other western European countries, but they are still to be considered a developed country. The traditional agricultural crops are cereal, wheat, corn and rye. Hungary also comes from a civil law family unlike the United States, where they come from common law.
The History of Hungary
By 14 B.C., western Hungary was a part of the Roman Empire’s provinces of Pannonia and Dacia. In 896, the Magyars invaded Hungary. In the late 10th century, Stephen I continued his father’s work on Christianity and ended up being the first truly Christian
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The Hungarian legal system is based on a civil law system. The criminal justice system is based on the inquisitorial model of criminal procedure. In the 21st century, the Hungarian economy was still trying to increasing after the decline in 2007. In 2004 Hungary joined the European Union. After the recession they suffered in 2009, they recovered and is a prosperous country now. As a developed country, Hungary has grown over the years and changed many of its frameworks in their laws and systems. The aspect of their criminal justice system, is to protect those who live in the country and ensure in laws that are needed to run the country

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