Humanities : The End Of My Humanities Honour Program Essay

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This semester, Fall 2015, is the end of my Humanities Honour Program. It has been a meaningful two years with Professor Lindahl and Professor Movassat. In this class, I have learned a lot of knowledge on the topics humanities. Humanities are very important because they had a great impact on today’s society. William Lund once said that “We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future.” Without the knowledge of humanities, we won 't be able to communicate with people and understand the world. I turned from knowing nothing about humanities into a knowledgeable person today, being thankful to this class. Materials were sometimes hard but it was worth it after all. So what is Humanities really mean? Humanities are the study of human culture, which included art history, war event, philosophy, literature, law, historical figure, religion, music, language and revolution. I 'm going to pick four different areas of topics: literature, art, philosophy and historical event from the entire Humanities Honours series to further discuss what I have learned in this program. In Humanities 1A, I chose the first great work of literature, “Epic of Gilgamesh.” Followed by Humanities 1B, Machiavelli 's philosophy. And the art of Baroque by Johannes Vermeer from Humanities 2A. Lastly, Humanities 2B’s Great Depression. Although all of these does not relate to each other, I will still try my best to explain each topic clearly.

The literature of the Epic of…

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