Humanistic Perspective Vs Contextual Perspective

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Ever wonder why humans are the way they are? Why they react to certain situations differently than those around them or perhaps why a large group of people who seem completely different react the same way to a particular event? The amazing thing about humans is that why they behave a particular way or why they say and do certain things is open to interpretation by six different psychological perspectives that are continually studied and developed by lifespan developmentalists. Lifespan developmentalists are able to place people and their actions in each of these perspectives such as the humanistic perspective, which believes people are in control of themselves and in turn tie the same person to the psychodynamic perspective, which states that perhaps what we do is controlled by a force deeper within ourselves, within our subconscious. Each perspective has its core principles and evidence to support …show more content…
Contextual perspective views a person as a combination of physical, cognitive, personality, and social worlds (20). The perspective states that ones development can only fully be understood if all environmental and social stimulus are taken into consideration. Bronfenbrenner acknowledged the problems with previous forms of lifespan development and sought out with the bioecological approach. This approach states that there are five levels of environment that influence development and that development cannot fully be understood until one knows how each level impacts a persons development (20). An important aspect of bioecological approach is that it “emphasizes the interconnectedness of the influences on development (21). Feldman says, “Because the various levels are related to one another, a change in one part of the system affects other parts” (21). They perspective considers all influences and uses them to come to a conclusion about life

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