Human Trafficking On The Great Lakes Essay

1060 Words Oct 20th, 2015 null Page
Research on Human Trafficking on the Great Lakes All over the world, millions of children, men, women, and babies are easily transported for the use of human trafficking. This transportation is made even easier in the United States through the Great Lakes. Ship and port regulations, prevention, and Native American women in human trafficking are several serious issues that need to be looked at. Recent research that’s been done in relation to human trafficking on the Great Lakes ask three different questions: What can be done to stop the illegal transportation of sex slaves? Are ships being checked regularly for any signs of human trafficking? Why are Native American women being transported through Lake Superior so easily? These are serious questions that need to be answered thoroughly through intense research. A common question surrounding this topic is how to stop the transportation of illegal sex slaves, and if ships are being regularly checked and inspected. According to Leticia M. Diaz and Barry Hart Dubnert, human trafficking is a continuing problem that is starting to spiral out of control. They state, “As an example of how pervasive the problem is, the United States estimates that there are up to 800,000 people trafficked internationally each year” (564). This is a huge problem, specifically since one can assume that the Great Lakes can certainly help this number grow. With that being said, this journal article informs the readers of regulations and laws in place to…

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