What Is Human Trafficking Wrong

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I believe human trafficking is morally wrong, not only because it is another form of degrading a human, but also that it happens to children is something that is morally outrageous. In order to increase awareness of the major societal problem of human trafficking is focusing on the high demand and the need for the demand and stop blaming victims for putting them selves in situations victim find themselves in. As a society we need to ask ourselves who benefits from trafficking humans? We need to understand that human trafficking does occur here in the United States; the types of human trafficking, in order to pinpoint the cause of it; and who is being trafficked, so we may identify when someone is in need of being rescued from
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Globalization plays a huge role in 3rd world countries. Governments need to provide jobs that not only benefits the government, but the population. However, since this is not happening 3rd world countries will continue to be the largest, fastest, growing, underground cash crops for contemporary poverty under globalization, by selling bodies and raw resources the demand of client countries will continue to provide young children between ages 5-16. The demand of client countries causes the effect of children being taken from their home by force, or by the need of needing, which means that most children become victims of trafficking is due to their home environment e.g. drug or alcoholic parents, abusive lifestyles, and/or they’re being lied to in order lure these victims into a fictitious life in order to help their families. Statistically, families that come from rural areas where education lacks and extreme poverty exist are the one who are more than likely to fall into becoming victims of human trafficking. I am not saying these are the only places trafficking occurs, but as the Global report on Trafficking in Persons on the United Nations website, states that rural areas from 155 countries have statically the highest numbers of victims each year. With 79% being sexually exploited. Places like Cambodia, for example; where women are not even registered as a statistic because of gender discrimination, they have 1 of 5 women in the country ranging from ages 13-25 and live in lower poverty, work in the sex industry. (In her Hands, Documentary)Other cities and countries like: India, Las Vegas, NV, Houston, TX, Thailand, Russia and various parts of the world all lack in resources in helping victims of human trafficking and fall short from having statistics like

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