Human Trafficking Is A Serious Problem Essay

753 Words Nov 17th, 2015 4 Pages
Human trafficking is a serious problem that occurs across the globe. Women and girls are the primary target for sex trafficking crimes, while men and boys are targeted for physical labor. Regardless of gender and race, human trafficking involves several key characteristics. These characteristics include false job offers, travel fees, removing important documentation from the victim, controlling the victim’s movement, threatening deportation, threatening to harm the victim’s family and physically harming the victim. (Hepburn, Simon). Human trafficking is kept in demand by the ability for groups and individuals to profit off of the victims. The profit stems from agricultural and factory jobs benefiting from male victim’s cheap labor and for female victims, their role in prostitution, sex shows, strip clubs, pornography and more. Although there have already been attempts to lessen the amount of human trafficking, law enforcement must improve their handling of trafficking situations and additionally, awareness of trafficking must be spread to help potential victims recognize dangerous situations. There have already been a multitude of attempts to solve the problems that human trafficking poses. In the United States and various other countries, prostitution is illegal. While this causes sex trafficking to have greater risks, it also causes the victims to become criminals. Women can be fearful to admit to their involvement in prostitution because of its illegal nature. For both…

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