Human Trafficking China

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China is a major source , transit , and destination country for the trafficking of men , women , and children. 600,000 Chinese migrant workers travel overseas , many of whom are in engaged in the trafficking of human beings . In China Prostitution and forced labor happen within and beyond its borders . Because of the large number of population , traffickers exploit the cheap labor there ,lure poor people ,and traffic them .
Cambodia :
The United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP) has stated that human trafficking is a new thing in Cambodia . It has spread due lack of education , shortage of job opportunities , poverty , alongside with the economical instability .
The Cambodian government has taken numerous action
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They provide all kinds of protections for trafficked victims. They have established a federal program to provide services to trafficking victims and established a Cabinet-level federal interagency task force .The U.S. Government signifies the need to sustain and concentrate the efforts of the international community in order to prevent and combat human trafficking.
The United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime has a major and very essential role in combating and preventing human trafficking . They have released three protocols that prevent and combat the trafficking of persons ,protect and rehabilitate and reintegrate the victims of human trafficking , prosecute the traffickers , and finally promote the cooperation between Member States .
They have also released the Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons in which it was adopted by the GA in 2012 .The UNODC strategic approach can be summarized as the concentration on research , and raising awareness among targeted groups , and to ensure the implementation of the protocols as well as capacity building , and lastly strengthening the inter-agency cooperation

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