Human Trafficking And Its Effects On Society Essay

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If waking up every morning before the sun rises to begin a day of exhausting work isn’t horrifying enough for a 9-year-old, night time brings even worse terrors: sexual abuse by one of the men in the household. Too many kids fear the dark because of the constant threat of horrifying abuse. Many people believe slavery is just something from the past; that is incorrect. Slavery still exists. As an outcome of the earthquake that struck Haiti, on January 2010, Haiti was inflicted with economic disparity and devastations among its citizens. The earthquake has put Haitians, especially women and children, in a greater risk to human trafficking and slavery (Adwar, Corey). After being orphaned at the age of five, Micheline became a victim of restavek—a system of institutionalized child slavery in Haiti. At 14, she was trafficked to Connecticut, where she was held as a slave by a cousin until her escape 4 years later (Enslaved). Slavery is still happening in Haiti and it’s time to make a change. The Creole word "restavek" generally signifies "stay with" and refers to the evaluated 200,000 to 220,000 slaves in Haiti, the greater part of who are kids (Adwar, Corey). Restavek is a profoundly settled tradition that sends kids from poor country families to live with wealthier urban families. This tradition has been around since the end of the revolution (Adwar, Corey). Poor parents might feel that their children will be better looked after and educated in return for completing minor…

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