Human Trafficking And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Though slavery was legally abolished in the 1700s, people still managed to find a way around the idea. Human trafficking officially begun during the 1400s and is still continuously in effect till this day. Now, human trafficking has a similar definition to slavery; it is the illegal movement of people mainly for the use of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. This act is still considered to be slavery because its main purpose is forced labor and violence being performed unwillingly. Slavery can vary from child trafficking to forced labor, and even sexual exploitation.
Human trafficking occurs all throughout the world, however, it is most popular in European countries. Now, in modern day society some may be confused as to how human trafficking occurs and how the whole act works. Depending on what type of labour or benefit the trafficker is seeking from the victim, that will determine how he or she will approach the victim. If the person is being trafficked for the use of forced labor, people who are called “job brokers” will tell a person that they will find a job that pays them well enough that they will be able to help support their families back home if they take the job. Majority of the men or women accept the offer to travel overseas because they are in search of better opportunity and a better life. Once the victim arrives at their new location they are told that they have to work for no pay and that they have to pay off a debt.
People are trafficked at any…

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