Essay on Human Society With Calm And Disinterested Eyes

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inequality issues. We are so wrapped up in our own lives that we “think about human society with calm and disinterested eyes” but if we look closely, its easy to see “only the violence of powerful men and the oppression of the weak” (Rousseau, 10). Is what is happening today with police brutality but a window into our systemic oppression and violence against those who have the least power to do anything about it? Our duty as “revolted mind[s]” at seeing such a truth is that we must “deplore the blindness of the others” and work toward making the world an equal and thus free place for all (Rousseau, 10). In the end, Rousseau says, “ since nothing is less stable among men than these external relationships, which chance produces more often than wisdom and which are called weakness or power, wealth or poverty, human institutions appear at first glance to be founded on piles of shifting sand,” which illustrates the nature of this dillema perfecctly. He explains that weakness or power, or wealth or poverty, are nothing but social constructs of which we have taken part. They are nothing if not completely malleable by us, simoultaniously their creators and inhabitants. Our social institutions are solely created by us that we can choose to build a pyramid of sand where there are only a few at the top or make a sand castle big enough to acomodate everyone. An equal and truly free utopia will be exist until we all, as individuals, see the truth of these social chains we have…

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