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1333 words essay on Man is a social animal
Bharat Kumar
Traditionally, there have been two answers to the problem of the relationship between the individual and his society. One is the social contract theory and the other is the organic theory, which we have already discussed in detail.
According to the social contract theory, society is the result of an agreement or contract entered into by men who originally lived in a pre-social state. Thus society is made by man and he is more real than his creation. On the other hand, according to the organic theory, society is an organic. Just as the parts of an animal body are functionally related and none can exist isolated from the rest, similarly, the members of society are functionally
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(iii) Case of Anna
Anna, an illegitimate child was born in a private nursing home in America. When only six months old, she was separated from all kinds of human contract and was kept confined in a room for a long period. She was discovered five years later in 1938 it was found that she could neither walk nor speak. She was completely indifferent to people around her. With the care of the human society, Anna became more active, smiling and cheerful. After a few months, it was found that Anna could hold an apple in her hand, and eat, drink liquid from the glass and eat with a spoon. Anna responded to careful treatment and she became humanized rapidly. Anna's case illustrates that human nature developed in man only when he is one of many men sharing a common life."
The above cases prove that human being is social by nature. Human nature develops only when he lives in society, only when he shares his fellow being's common life. Thus no human being can normally develop in isolation. '
2. Necessity makes a man social
Secondly, man is a social animal by his necessity. Man lives in society because necessity compels him. Many of his needs will remain unsatisfied if he does not have the co-operation of his fellow beings. The fundamental needs of individuals such as food, clothing and shelters can be fulfilled only by living in society and co-operating with others. The child is brought up under the care of his parents and learns the first lessons of citizenship in their

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