Essay on Human Search For Meaning And Purpose

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Explain and Analyse How Religion Is a Distinctive Answer to the Human Search for Meaning and Purpose in Life.
There are many types of beliefs that provide an answer to the meaning of life. Not all of these beliefs are described as religions, but the majority of them are. Because of this it is very important for people to truly understand how the different types of religions answer the big questions in life. Below is an analysis of religion, and how the many types of religion provide a distinctive answer to the human search for the meaning of life, including an extensive definition of religion, how religion answers life’s big questions and why religion is so attractive to humanity.

Before one can truly understand how religion answers the meaning of life, one must first understand what religion is and what makes up religion. There are many definitions of religion, which are summed up sums up by saying, “the only common agreement seems to be about ‘something beyond the ordinary’ – religion has a transcendent dimension – and that religion helps in some ways to map a course through life’s obstacles and limitations of human existence.” (Morrissey et al., 2005). Therefore, religion is a belief system concerning the purpose and creation of the universe and the force that governs it.

There are three types of a religious worldview. The first type is a religious worldview “that holds beliefs in a divine power and/or powers beyond the human dimension.” (Morrissey et al., 2005). A…

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