Essay on Human Safety And Environment Protection

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In recent years, there has been an increasing concern about whether or not should factories keep using fracking as their main method to extract oil and gas from the underground. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing can be defined as the process of drilling down into the Earth and injecting high-pressurized water mixture into the ground, creating cracks in the deep-rock formations and allows oil and gas to flow out of the wells. According to The United States Geological Survey, wastewater disposal used in fracking is the main reason leading to the instability of the ground (Susan Hough, This pressurized liquid is not only believed to cause most of earthquakes but also contains many toxic chemicals which bring other environmental issues including water poisoning, air pollution, and soil pollution. As my values are about human safety and environment protection, I am totally against the use of fracking in extracting oil and from my point of view, fracking is an indirectly fatal and environmentally destructive.
First and foremost, the wastewater used in fracking is the primary cause of recent earthquakes in Oklahoma. As soon as a well is deeply drilled, cased and cemented, high-pressure water compound is pumped down to fracture hard rock layers in the underground. This creates micro fractures in the rock layers and causes the faults in the formation to slip, which rises the rate of earthquakes occurring in Oklahoma.…

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