Essay on Human Resourse Development

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The aim of this report is to examine a number of various issues associated with Human Resource Development and particular focus is going to be paid at learning activities for students. This report is going to consist of a number of different sections, which are interrelated with each other. First part of this report is based on the presentation, which was aimed at evaluating various learning styles from one-person perspective, and compared to another individual in order to see the differences. Later on as a student development manager it is going to be necessary to examine different training needs for different students in LSBM and state advantages and disadvantages of training methods, used in this institution. Also this
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This test examine personal attributes of Visual that means seeing and reading, Auditory contained listening and speaking abilities, Kinaesthetic that incorporates learning by experiences. The results of this test suggest that an individual tested had stronger kinaesthetic abilities with the result of 19 points and fewer Auditory and Visual, with 6 and 3 points relatively. Another learning style test used in the presentation was Honey and Mumford test. This test consists of leaning style questionnaire and serves for to determine person’s preferred learning style. The result of this test suggests that there are 4 main styles of leaning in regard of a person. They are Activist, Reflector, Theorist, and Pragmatist. Activist is a person who enjoys working in a group and particularly bound to receive a high level of attention from others, a specially those within the group its self. However this type of leaning person has got negatives points as well. One of them might be an implementation problem, which can be a result of luck of effort at the beginning stages of the learning process. This type of learning style person is likely to benefit in a number of leaning environments, such as group work, challenging tasks, high level of responsibility, pressure constraint. On the other hand, a number of negative aspects associated with this person might, arise when they are not seeing as a possible leader of the group and faced with repetitive and lengthy task. Another

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