Essay on Human Population And The Earth 's Natural Resources

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The human population and the earth’s natural resources are ultimately connected. Many say that the cutting down of trees is occurring at a high rate, but in reality there are approximately two and a half million acres of trees planted a year. This process enhances the economy by utilizing wood and paper, providing space for buildings and homes, growing crops, and allowing for more jobs within the construction and business fields. Deforestation has positive effects on the increasing amount of human activity throughout the world.
The direct causes of deforestation link directly to a growing society. The human population thrives off of natural resources, because they are the building blocks of essentially every product used by the human race. “The environment performs two basic functions. ‘Source’ or production functions support the livelihood of millions who depend upon environmental resources” (De Souza para. 101). Deforestation allows access to the natural resources that are distributed not only on a domestic level, but also on a global level. Source consumption ultimately converts to international trade. Trading among countries provides assistance for the rising of undeveloped countries. “Numerous free-trade economists have stated a strong desire to formulate economic policies that assist the disadvantaged and poor through both multilateral grants (not loans) and trade policies that would create millions of jobs and provide industry growth for developing countries”…

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