Human Organ Trafficking Essay example

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Human Organ Trafficking

There are many problems with global crimes. What holds these crimes together isn’t because people around the world are committing the same crimes, it’s because these criminals have created global organizations that have ties in all the corners of the world. These groups work just like normal business do, exporting and importing goods to gain profit. However, unlike normal businesses their goods are illegal such as drugs and often inhumane such as trafficking humans. Even so there is another good that is being regularly sold illegally. Human organ trafficking is growing ever day. Despite all efforts from countries all over the world it is continuing to be a major problem in the world. All types of global criminal
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This law was put in place in 1983, despite the countries efforts to stop the illegal trade of human organs, the country is still ranked seventh highest in illegal trade of human organs. Recently one of the biggest organ trafficking rings has been brought down. The organization started back in 2001 and ended in 2004. In that short period of time 107 illegal organ transplants took place at St. Augustine's Hospital in Durban. The organs were not harvested from South Africans however; they were harvested from Israel, Brazil, and Russia. People desperate for some money traveled across the world so that they could sell their own organs. Every single organ was given to an Israeli. This just goes to show how people is desperate times take drastic measures for a few simple comforts. They have been many measures taken by governments to stop human organ trafficking in there own countries. Most counties have strict no tolerance policies put in place, however just like drug smugglers, these organizations find a way to avoid the law. In order to stop these illegal actions against this inhumane act, there needs to be new policies put into practice. However not polices that make it harder to smuggler organs, but rather cut down on the demand for illegal organ transplants. For instance, we need to come up with policies that reward people for being organ donors after they die. Such as a government funded funeral, paying

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