Human Or Creature? By Mary Shelley Essay

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Frankenstein- Human or Creature? Frequently, in books like Frankenstein, the goals of the writer are uncertain. It is clear in any case, that one of the numerous topics Mary Shelley presents is the mankind of Victor Frankenstein 's creation. Despite the fact that she displays proof that both doubt and obscure the creation 's humankind, it is apparent that this creature is by definition, a human. His humanity is depicted in his physical appearance, as well as in his mental and passionate considerations also. His humankind is questioned by the way that being human does not mean having particular DNA and having family to identify with, however he is defined by the many characteristics that make people unique in relation to different creatures in this world. Naming Victor 's creation as a`monster ' does not back up the controversy that he is in fact human, so for this paper, his name will be Rick. Though Victor ends up hating Rick, it is important to understand his motives of creation. When Frankenstein discovers the power to create life, he thinks about whether he should attempt creation of a being like himself or one of simpler organization (81). He finally decides on creating a human life form. He did make the body a larger size, however the structure was designed the same as a man. Victor even professes to have selected Rick 's traits as “beautiful, with proportionate limbs and parts in which he endeavored to form with such pain and care” (85). Once Rick is blessed…

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