Human Nature And Cultural Diversity Essay

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Two modules I find best reflect me are human nature and cultural diversity and doing together what we would not do alone. Both of these topics fall under the category of social influence. After further researching the topics I discovered how easily influenced I was by friends, family, and society without noticing. Human nature has evolved over time. One of the most well known naturalists to contribute to the theory of evolution was Charles Darwin. His theory of natural selection explained passing on traits of our species. Organisms have offspring whom all fight for survival. The biological and behavioral traits of these organisms change in order to better fight for survival. These organisms now have new organism that the new changed traits are passed on to. Evolutionary psychology studies how the theory of natural selection applies to life. I can see evolution through parenting styles of my great-grandmother, to my grandmother, and to the way my mom raised me. They all have many similarities; however, I can see ways they improved as the generations continue. It seems as though the mother raises her child the way her mother raised her but makes corrections along the way, which continues amongst generations. This theory is very similar to the way culture is shared throughout generations. Cultural diversity is the diversity of languages, customs, and much more. In some places, especially foreign countries, diversity is rarely seen. Everyone may have the same religious and…

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