Human Motivation, Behavior, And Perception Created By Dr. Glasser

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Reality or what is also known as Choice theory is a comprehensive methodology to explaining human motivation, behavior, and perception created by Dr. William Glasser. Dr. Glasser, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1925. Dr. Glasser was initially a chemical engineer however, he made a career change to Clinical Psychology. He then attended medical school eventually becoming psychiatrist. Glasser rejected the psychoanalytic approach of Dr. Sigmund Freud. From observations made by Dr. Glasser while working with the California Youth Authority, he concluded that the psychoanalytic training he had received focused on the inner and sexual life of clients and thus, was sufficient enough to counsel these individuals (Corey, 2013).

The psychoanalytic traditions, examined the clients historical and early childhood experiences. Glasser thought it best to focus on the sane side of the client verses the disturbed. Glasser viewed humans as non-mechanical and believed that it was vital for clients to accept responsibility for their behavior. In the 1980’s, Reality Therapy, became associated with William Powers “Control Theory” until June of 1996, Glasser changed the name to "Choice Theory" which he believed, provided a more accurate description of what he had developed. A theory that believes that one’s total behavior which includes acting, thinking, feeling, and physiology is our best attempt to satisfy one of our needs. Thus, reality theory contends that, our current desires or needs…

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