Essay on Human Morality And Its Impact On Society

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Since the advent of civilization, society has tended to experiment with codes that regulate human morality in conformance with established norms and expectations (Halperin, 1990). Of particular interests to societal institutions is sexuality, which for the better part of the centuries leading to the 20th century has been governed by codes drawn from religion and civil laws (Foucault, 1979). Society has continuously normalized heterosexism as the appropriate form of sexuality that should be backed by laws that punish those that diverge from it. Indeed, heteronormativity is founded on the assumptions that only male and female genders should exist and complement each other in a conjugal relationship (Butler, 1990). This hegemony has made it relatively difficult for those that defy heterosexism to live a life free from oppression, stigma and systemic discrimination (Butler, 2004). This state of affairs has given rise to the LGBTs activism centered on the narrative that society and its institutions discriminate against queer people who defy heterosexism (Diprose, 1994). Michel Foucault, Judith Butler and other queer theorist advance the argument that heterosexism is an oppression of minority gender groups including gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people.
Up to the nineteenth century, society had more or less relied on “accepted” codes, norms and customary regularities that dictate what is wrong or right insofar as sexuality was concerned (Engel, et al., 2012).…

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