Essay about Human Eye Model Of The Eye

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Human eye model
A three-dimensional FE model of the human eye has been made via the explicit dynamics finite element code LS-DYNA 970 (LSTC, Livermore, CA, United States) [30]. The morphological characteristics of the human eye (a normal/healthy male) along with intraconal and extraconal fats were obtained from Computed Tomography (CT). The donor declare his consent to use the CT images for medical research purposes. A total of 141 raw data images were obtained for the head with an especial focus on the eye. The data were analyzed and exported into the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) format. Subsequently, these data were imported into a Windows-based personal computer using MIMICS software (MIMICS 10.0, Materialise Inc., Belgium) to establish a surface mesh for the eye [31]. Following the selection of an appropriate threshold value for the ‘region growing’ function of MIMICS, the integrated bone structure of the human head was separated from the soft tissue, especially the eye components. The eye was then isolated by picking the ‘edit masks’ function to form a new mask. After manual editing, the mask of the human eye was converted into a 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) model by using the ‘calculate 3-D’ function. The original triangular surface mesh model of the human eye was generated by the ‘remesh’ module of MIMICS. By using a number of remeshing algorithms and user-specified parameters, the triangular mesh were reduced and reshaped to provide an…

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