Human Emotions In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Humans are complex mammals within the animal kingdom. Although humans have some common similarities to other animals from the realm; humans have key features within themselves that differentiate them from the common chimpanzee. One main characteristic that humans have over other animals is their control and expression of emotions. Human emotions are far more complex in comparison to animal emotions. Both humans and animals are capable of experiencing the feeling of joy but have different methods of expressing the feeling. A dog may wag its tail from joy but in the other hand a human will display joy with a smile on his or her face. Another emotion animals and humans experience but express in unlike ways is the feeling of loneliness. A prime example presenting how humans react to the feeling of loneliness is Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and the 1992 film release directed by Gary Sinise. The two main characters, George …show more content…
He is incapable of joining the other migrant workers out in the fields, so he is assigned tasks back at the house. He is isolated from the others which intensifies his feeling of loneliness. Candy’s attempt to coping with the loneliness on the ranch is by befriending a dog. Candy and his dog have a similar relationship like George and Lennie. “In the same way, that Candy seeks comfort in his dog, Lennie seeks comfort in George” (Of Mice And Men). Although Candy and his dog had a strong friendship, their ties had to be cut soon. His dog aged quickly and became unhealthy to continue living. Carlson insisted on putting Candy’s dog out of its misery for the sake of the other ranchers and the dog itself. Candy quickly returned to his state of loneliness after losing his companion. In order to keep his mind off his dog, Candy joins George and Lennie on their dream to obtain their dream home. The dream becomes Candy’s new formation of companionship and help against the

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