Human Cloning Reflection

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1. What is the main issue portrayed in the movie? Do you think it will be a possible scenario in the future? Please share your group’s opinion on the matter.

The main issue portrayed in the movie is human cloning. In our group’s opinion, we believe that human cloning will be a possible scenario in the future.
From our opinion, the main reason for us to believe that human cloning will be a possible scenario in the future is because of the rapid development of modern science and technology and the constant progress and discovery of biology in our era. Furthermore, there are many successful cloning experiment conducted in the past centuries. Moreover, due to the development of science, we can see that the rate of success for the cloning experiment
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From the technical perspective, human cloning is much difficult and complicated compared with other mammals. The main reason is due to the cell division of two proteins essential, which known as spindle proteins of human are located very close to the chromosomes in primate eggs. Consequently, removal of the egg’s nucleus to make space for the donor nucleus will also removes the spindle proteins, interfering with the cell division. In other mammals like cats, rabbits or mice, the two spindle proteins are spread throughout the egg so the removal of the egg’s nucleus does not result in loss of spindle proteins. Besides, the ultraviolet light the used to remove the egg’s nucleus can damage the primate cell and the cell will stops growing. Thus, until now we still not achieved any successful in any case of human cloning and even some of the country like Australia, Canada, Colombia, and European had prohibited the researches in human …show more content…
From the movie, we can know that Dr. Merrick seek the cure for leukaemia through the clones. Thus, even though if Dr. Merrick got the cure for leukemia but it is based on the clones but not a real human. The cure might not be able to be applied on the real human. The possible for the cell mutation to be happened increase the risk of getting diseases if we applied the cure of the clone on a real human. With the high level of science and technology in our era, there are many others better ways to seek cure for leukemia instead of using the clones. Chemotherapy is the most effective method to treat leukemia that we are having now.
The action of manufacture humans, harvest and sell their bodies parts, and then kill the clones does not bring any profit to society but it will bring out a lot of social matter. The social problems like selling organs or slave trade will be rose. Furthermore, this will lead to social stratification as the wealth people can buy organs but not poor people and poor people might do anything in order to get the organ

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