Essay on Human Beings With Physical Disabilities

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Since ancient times, people used to treat disabled individuals in a special way. Human beings with physical disabilities are considered unable to work and perform some tasks while people with mental disabilities are not perceived seriously at all. Such situation occurs everywhere, and it depends not on the citizens of society in particular but the whole society in general. The problem of ableist society is important because, in such society, handicapped persons cannot enjoy life with all its benefits in the same way as non-disabled persons can. People live in the world of norms, and these norms are created by several individuals who are happy to hold a ruling position. Those, who have standard bodies and normal IQ level, are apprehended as normal while the others are considered as people with some disabilities and defects. Thus, since early childhood, children with some disabilities, either physical or mental, are taught that they are different. First, their parents protect them from anxiety, the excessive attention of their peers, and unnecessary movements. Besides, they often require of other people special treatment of such children. Consequently, the children understand that they are incapable and cannot compete with non-disabled children. Moreover, they begin to realize that it is better to keep together with the other children who have similar disabilities. As a result, communities for disabled people appear. Society does not encourage such individuals to stay closer…

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