Human Beings Use Body Language Essay

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Body Language Human beings use body language for a variety of important reasons. Being able to interpret body language helps protect us, adds depth to a conversation, and gives us clues as to how others are feeling. For humans non verbal communication is a huge part of how we communicate and some body language is recognizable around the world. Janine Driver, a body language expert, can even be quoted from a documentary for the History channel saying that ninety three percent of what we communicate to others is non verbal (Millar, 2008). Body language is also often called kinesics, as that is a more proper term for it. Body language can show leadership, confidence, aggression and fear in ways that will be expanded upon later. Kinesics, or body language, involves facial expressions, how the body is positioned, gestures, eye movement, touching, and proximity. There are six main facial expressions that are recognized worldwide: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise. Reading one’s facial expression is one of the easiest ways to tell how an individual is feeling.
Body position is another important factor for body language. If a person is hunched over and it looks like they are trying to make themselves appear small, they are likely not feeling very happy or confident in that moment. If someone has their arms hanging naturally by their sides, feet a normal distance apart, and have relaxed shoulders they are likely feeling fairly relaxed and normal.

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