Hsc2002 Provide Support with Mobility Essay

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Providing Support with Mobility
What Does Mobility Mean?
Mobility means, having the ability to move freely around ones environment.
What Different Health Conditions Can Affect And Be Affected By Mobility?
There are many health conditions that can affect an individual’s, such as well known ones such as a visual impairment, arthritis and on to others such as:
Fibromyalgia – This condition causes individuals to have aching muscles all over often leaving them in quite a lot of pain, and many fatigued by the simplest of movements.
Cerebral Palsy – This condition can effect and individuals posture, movement and co-ordination.
However there are also health conditions that can be affected by mobility such as respiratory and
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* Pleasant, is the environment good enough to eat in? Bright? Attractive? If you don’t want to eat here how you can expect you resident too.
If you are dealing with somebody it bed it is important you respect the individual’s right, you should also talk to them even if the individual cannot communicate back it is more comfortable for the person and can help the carer feel more relaxed. Sitting the individual up is a must as it reduces the risk of choking and makes the individual more involved in the process.
It is important to protect and a individuals dignity, such as providing a individual with something to protect their clothing/tables when eating and drinking, these should be attractive as possible so that the residents have an enjoyable environment which can promote a sociable group.
Why Is It Important To Ensure A Person Has Finished Before Clearing Away?
Cleaning up is just as important as the way you serve the food, in order not to make an individual feel rushed or uncomfortable, you should always check whether an individual has finished eating/drinking. An individual make take as much time as they need as it is in their rights and it may be for all sorts of reasons. However if you are busy it may be frustrating and you may be inclined to unknowingly that that frustration out on the individual, so it is important to calm yourself down and move on to the next job let them take their time or ask if

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