How Would You Characterize Oedipus Response To Teiresias?

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How would you characterize Oedipus?
Oedipus is described as sent from a god after saving thebes from the Sphinx’s riddles allowing the city to be open again. According to this passage “As to the man surest in moral ways And wisest in the ways of the God. You saved us from the Sphinx, that flinty singer, and the tribute we paid her so long; yet you were never better informed than we” Sophocles, Sc. 1, li. 37-41. This quote really describes Oedipus as it portrays him as a very clever man who solved the riddle without any prior knowledge of the sphinx. This shows how based on just wit and intelligence Oedipus was able to save the city of Thebes.

What conflicts are introduced in the opening of the play?
In the beginning of the play Thebes
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Oedipus responds to Teiresias in disbelief as because Oedipus is not aware that it was him that actually murdered Laius and hence thinks Teiresias is not telling the truth. Oedipus states: ¨Am i to bear this from him?--Damnation take you! Out of this place! Out of my sight!” Sophocles, Sc 1, Li 418-419. This angers Oedipus as Oedipus firmly believes that he did not murder Laius. This causes Oedipus to think that the prophet may be using the fact that he killed Laius as a way for Creon to inherit the crown. Oedipus feels that Creon wants the crown as because Creon is next in line to inherit the
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From this hour, go in darkness!¨ Sophocles, Exodos, Li. 1225-1227. Not only was it his blindness to the truth, as it was in front of him the whole time, it was shame. Shame drove Oedipus blind. Oedipus was obviously very ashamed for killing his own father and marrying his mother bearing children with her. This shame causes him to blind himself. In the end Oedipus is so shamed that he leaves his children with Creon to be taken care of, telling Creon ¨May God bless you for this-- and be a friendlier guardian to you than he has been to me!¨ Sophocles, Exodos, Li 1421-1422. Considering the fact that Oedipus’s children are also his half siblings could also attribute to the fact in which he wants to leave his children. The shame in bearing children with his own mother, sharing wombs, was attributed to his blindness to see that Jocasta was his

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