Essay on How Words Can Make A Difference?

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I believe words are powerful. Words are spoken in many different languages, such as Spanish, German, Japanese, French, English, etc. Words are also received from speaking one on one, speaking in groups, reading books, through sign language, etc. How words are used and how they that are said can make a difference in people’s lives. No matter how young you are or how old you are, the words people speak can affect other’s lives. Words from friends, from family, from teachers, and even from speeches can make a difference in the way people act and react. Words can break people up or bring them together. Words can cause love, hate, war, laughter, etc. Words are power and can make the world a better place if used appropriately. Words can make the difference.
I remember as a child in grade school how words would affect me and how they would affect others. As a boy playing with a small group of friends anger could arise, hurtful words could be said, and you would lose your best friend for as little as an hour at times. Words would then be said about you to others load enough for you to hear with their intentions to hurt you. Sadly enough, as you get older, those hurtful words that tend to break friendships up can last a life time, not just a few hours. Kids get over those words in a day, but adults sometime never forget, but what is worse, they sometimes never forgive.
When people are angry, in most cases, they say words they don’t really mean. They also generally…

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