How Wind Turbines Have On A Society Essay

1995 Words Dec 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Whether it is in the form of a candle to see in the dark or quantum mechanics to generate electricity, energy has always played a significant role in society. In today 's world, the technological advances allow for more efficient ways to generate, gather, and store electricity. Not only are some of these new advances more efficient, but they are cleaner for the environment. One of the clean energy phenomena that have significantly impacted the energy world is the advancement in wind turbines. Wind turbines are a clean source of energy that provides communities a source of power by sending the energy generated from the spinning blades to a power grid where the power is distributed to the consumers as needed. These machines can be found primarily in areas where the land is flat, and the wind can generate a good amount of speed and force to propel the blades. These new models have significantly impacted the environments around the world in a positive direction. In this paper, I will be discussing the moral issues and the positive solutions that the turbines have on a society economically, environmentally, and socially through the lenses of a utilitarian point of view. Across the world, many countries have implemented these modern technologies of the wind turbines to increase the power generation in their area. Not only do these machines increase energy production, but they do so at a cheaper operating rate than a gas or coal driven power source. One factor that is taken into…

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