How Things Changed After World War II Essay

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How things changed after World War II

World War II started with a healthy list of rich powerful countries. At the end of the war only two so called super powers were left. The United States did not want any part of the war effort originally. The only program that was in place was the Lend-Lease Act which was put in place to provide relief to free countries to help bounce back from what the war was doing. This essay will cover why the United States joined the war and how the war was ended. The war did change the world, but exactly how did all this change things on the home front? Was it for the better? Or worse? Just as the introduction paragraph states we did not want anything to do with the war. The U.S. was fairly fresh off of another war and let’s not forget about the depression that was going on. It was not until December 7th 1941 that the United States was given an unwanted wake-up call. It became painfully clear that simply providing aid was not making everyone happy. Japan pulled off a massive sneak attack on Pearl Harbor which costs a huge amount of American lives. This callous act essentially forced the hand of the country to join in on the war. The U.S. played a major role in many key operations that help mold the future outcome of the war. Wanting the war to have a quick decisive ending President Truman had made the hard decision to exercise the full capacity of the Manhattan Project. He came out and said that it was time to drop the atomic bomb…

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