Essay on How The First World War Created Modern America

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Michael S. Neiberg wrote The Path To War: How The First World War Created Modern America in 2016. This book was an oral history text written to inform readers of the multiple events that led to World War I. This book takes a deeper look into the social viewpoints and the economic status of America at the beginning of the war. Throughout the book, Neiberg also presents similarities between World War I and modern America, and the lasting effect World War I had on our country. I enjoyed reading this book because it allowed me to view World War I, all that went into the start, and the lasting affects from a different perspective.
Neiberg starts the book by talking about the “Two Germany’s” and their significance throughout the first World War. Eastern Germany was home to the Soviets and Western Germany was home to the Allies. During this period, Americans were also splitting into two sides when it came to America 's involvement in foreign affairs. Some believed America was not stable enough to take part in a world war. Others believed America 's involvement would demonstrate power and shape new order. Neiberg later discusses how America became involved in the war. Neiberg wrote, “The war this opened a seemingly endless series of opportunities for Americans to make money” (52). In the beginning Americans were pro war because every action was looked at as an economic advancement. However, as the war continued, they realized the American economy would actually get worse, not…

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