How The Employer Should Use Background Checks Protect Themselves From Threats?

2021 Words Dec 11th, 2016 9 Pages
The employer should use background checks to protect themselves from threats. The employer needs know if the employee will be a danger in the work place. More employees are living in fear of not getting a job. This is where the misunderstanding needs to be cleared up. Background checks need to be to see if there are any terrorists’ threats, if they employee is suitable for the job or for various other reasons but not discriminate against an employee. One idea that promotes this is the Ban the Box legislature. However what benefits does it reap for the employer. This method is being used more and more but much like other plans some ideas are imperfect. This truly bars from the early discrimination against criminal records. However, in majority this primarily only takes in the domain of public employment. Until recently the research in these subject areas has been limited. Due to already existing racism towards already disadvantaged demographics such us young African-American men receive hire segregation based on the ban the box legislature. The benefits of Ban the Box obviously goes to the employee. If they do not have to reveal their criminal history then there is less of a threat to them. The problem is the employer has no clue to whether that specific person is a liability or not. Ex-Criminals are discriminated against because of the stigma attached to them. Some companies do not care to take a look at resumes with any criminal record. Some would argue that…

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