Essay on How Technology Has Changed The World

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Throughout the years many things have happened to shape how our society sees things. Also how technology has changed not only in improvements but also for every aspect of human life. It is crazy how many major events have changed the world mentally and physically. Many of the bad situations we have dealt with come from someone who was raised a certain way with a certain opinion and will not change for the life of themselves. What is sad, is the fact that the things that started many of our now big problems was something as simple as slavery. One thing that began in the Reconstruction period was the fight over ending slavery, and how many southern states did not want to lose workers and how they made a living. Many southern states were confused on what exactly meant when it was pronounced that all black human beings were free from slave work and involuntary work. The variety of responses to emancipation, by whites as well as blacks; illustrated that sometimes startling complexity of the master - slave relationship. Loyalty to the plantation of the master promoted some slaves to resist the liberating Union armies, while other slaves’ pent up bitterness burst forth violently on the day of liberation. Abolitionists had long preached that slavery was a degrading institution. Now the emancipators were faced with the brutal reality that the freedman were overwhelmingly unskilled, unlettered, without property or money, and with scant knowledge of how to survive as free people…

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