Comparison Of How Stories Came To Earth And Coyote Steals Fire

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“My stories have a great price, for fearsome, elusive creatures... Bring these to me” the sky-god Nyame said, in the trickstertale “How Stories Came to Earth”. In this story Anansi is on a mission to get the sky-gods stories. The sky-god gave Anansi a quest to capture certain creatures and in return he rewarded Anansi with his precious stories. After reading “How Stories came to Earth” and “Coyote Steals Fire” there is evidence that these stories show many similarities but also some differences.
A few differences between “How Stories Came to Earth” and “Coyote Steals Fire”, include the gods actions,the role of woman, and how the main characters accomplished his goal. One of the differences between the two trickster tales are the gods actions.
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The first similarity, is both stories benefit society. “How Stories Came to Earth” benefits society by getting stories from the sky- god and sharing them with everyone because no one had heard about them. “Coyote Steals Fire” benefits society by the main character, Coyote, taking fire from The god, Thunder. The author clams Coyote does this because there was a time when people didn’t have fire. Another similarity is that both trickster tales use anthropomorphism. The main characters in each story is an animal that uses human characteristics. Anansi was a spider who with the help of his wife tricks and captures creatures and in “Coyote Steals Fire”, Coyote plays dice games, gambles and talks with Thunder using human like qualities. A third similarity that both tales have is that the main character or trickster lied to get what they wanted. In, “How Stories Came to Earth”, Anansi lied to all the animals and tricked them so he could trap them to take them to sky-god, Nyame. In, “Coyote Steals Fire” Coyote lies that he won the game against Thunder, but he actually cheated by taking Thunders sticks. The last similarity in both tales is that the main characters have a goal. Coyote’s goal is that he wanted Thunder’s fire, because he wants to share it with the people so that they have fire to keep themselves warm and wouldn’t have to eat their food raw. Anansi’s goal was to get the stories from the sky-god to share them

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