How Social Darwinism Impacted Society Essay

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How Social Darwinism Impacted Society
Social Darwinism justified many decisions during the latter 19th and early 20th century. Particularly it was used to further laissez-faire capitalism, immigration control, eugenics, colonialism and, in an extreme case Nazism. Thus, Darwin 's theory of evolution had a profound effect on the late 19th and early 20th century through its application to human society, Social Darwinism.
Before the theory of Darwinism religion was utilized to explain the workings of the World. The prevailing belief at the time was Christianity and it dictated what people believed about creation. Due to their religious believes they thought that humans and animals were created by God and that the animal instincts that human’s had were given to them by God. With the introduction of Darwinism a new view on evolution contrasted with the traditional religious view leading to a clash that was widespread and profound. Darwin 's theory introduced the idea that humans had evolved from lower life forms, not created by God, and that through adaptation gained useful characteristics. His new ideas effected how we conceptualized the entire universe and effected various fields such as philosophy, theology, science, and morality. However, although Darwin’s new ideas expanded our understanding of the world it also further cemented a belief in the inevitably of progress which was prevalent during the Victorian Age, Darwinism reinforced this belief and caused feelings of…

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