How Sleep Deprivation Can Effect Weightlifting Performance Essay

1523 Words Apr 30th, 2016 null Page
According to Blumert, Crum, Ernsting, Volek, Hollander, Haff, and Haff, various studies have been done (including the previous) on how sleep deprivation can effect weightlifting performance, but none of those studies actually modeled a training session that requires performance of a series of high-intensity exercises that are performed for multiple sets and repetitions. For this study, Blumert et al. compared the effects of twenty-four hours of sleep loss on physiological and psychological performance during high-intensity training sessions of national-caliber male collegiate weightlifters. The subjects were tested on three various occasions: finding their one rep max (in snatch, clean and jerk, and front squat) and the experimental conditions where the subjects experienced either eight or zero hours of sleep. Following the period of sleep, the subjects performed intensive weightlifting training sessions. For the preliminary testing the subjects had their height, body mass, and body composition measured; the 7-site skinfold measurement was performed by the same tester in order to assess body composition on all the subjects. For the second and third sessions (prior to and after exercise), the subject’s subjective sleepiness and profile of mood states were recorded. The rate of perceived exertion was measured immediately after each maximal set. A hormonal analysis was done by drawing a 10 mL blood sample immediately after and one hour post workout. This was to analyze…

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