How Should One Relive History? Essay

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How should one relive history? For many, the greatest moments in history were the most excruciating to relive while others reveled in the moment to tell you about their past. At least until questioned about his or her barbaric actions towards another human being. Dating back to the 1800’s, Mississippi has been the most consistent at reliving and recreating racism and its history. Whether this is by happenstance or by the utter hatred of those who are born and bred in good ole sovereign Mississippi. During one of the most life-changing movements in our history; the Civil Rights movement, where integration and segregation were equally important to both White Americans and African-Americans, Sons of Mississippi shines a light on an era thick with deeply rooted southern racism. The foundation of Mississippi created in 1962 still lives on today through modern-day forms of racism, vexing symbolism, and family legacies doused in haunted traditions by the ghosts of old Jim Crow, desperately seeking reconciliation, yet always seeming to fall short. Although this book is pitted around a photo taken by Charles Moore in 1962 published by Life magazine, the gripping image of racism is prevalent. The photo was taken under a tree located in the Grove, an area where students gather between classes or just to simply hang out. The virulent hatred that white Southerners were not ashamed to show or discuss is not only captured in one moment during the civil rights era but also documented by…

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